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Picture Perfect Tile 

Tile Projects

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens & Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathrooms ​& Bathroom Remodel
  • Flooring
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Back Splashes
  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Showers & Tub
  • ​Wainscotes

Outdoor patios 

Outdoor patio spaces & fireplaces are a must in beautiful San Diego weather for entertaining guests.  Select a natural stone material for outdoor projects as they reflect the natural environment around them.


Fireplaces are a beautiful centerpiece for a family room, living room, or bedroom.  Selecting a material that can withstand heat is important, as is color and maintenance.   

Outdoor walkways

A beautiful garden can be accented by a properly placed, custom designed tile walkway.  Spice up your garden with a natural stone walkway with low maintenance and easy cleaning.


Tile work is crucial in planning the perfect design for your bathroom.  Tile projects such as faucet backsplashes, shower designs, and flooring can all be done with flair, using materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, and stone. 

Bath tubs

A beautiful wrap around bath tub is a desired centerpiece to any master bathroom.  Mix the materials in your design - glass, ceramic, porcelain, or stone.  This area of the house needs materials that are easy to disinfect and clean.


Entertaining guests for dinner parties or drinks makes this area of a home in special need of tile design. Request a mural or beautiful backsplash with glass or a wrap around stone background to make the kitchen pop.


Entertaining guests for dinner parties or drinks makes this piece a beautiful focal point to your kitchen.  Backsplashes can be done in any material, but are beautiful in colorful glass to create designs or a mural.


Make a statement piece out of your staircase with a beautiful tile design.  Picture Perfect Tile transforms San Diego houses into a synchronized look - moving your living room into the upper floor with a seamless staircase transition.


Properly designed and executed tile work in your shower is crucial for preserving a beautiful shower for years to come.  Materials such as natural stone look great in this location and can serve as a spotlight piece in your bathroom.